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View_SPECPR: Software for Plotting Spectra

August 3, 2008
Spectra plot example
View_SPECPR software example screenshot of plot. From Kokaly, 2008, USGS Open-File Report 2008-1183.

The View_SPECPR' software system plots spectra stored in SPECPR (SPECtrum Processing Routines) files. The View_SPECPR software is comprised of programs written in IDL (Interactive Data Language) that run within the ENVI (ENvironment for Visualizing Images) image processing system. SPECPR files are used by earth-remote-sensing scientists and planetary scientists for storing spectra collected by laboratory, field, and remote sensing instruments. A widely distributed SPECPR file is the USGS spectral library that contains thousands of spectra of minerals, vegetation, and man-made materials. SPECPR files contain reflectance data and associated wavelength and spectral resolution data, as well as meta-data on the time and date of collection and spectrometer settings. Furthermore, the SPECPR file automatically tracks changes to data records through its 'history' fields. For more details on the format and content of SPECPR files, see Clark (1993). For more details on ENVI, see ITT (2008). This program has been updated using an ENVI 4.5/IDL7.0 full license operating on a Windows XP operating system and requires the installation of the iTools components of IDL7.0; however, this program should work with full licenses on UNIX/LINUX systems. This software has not been tested with ENVI licenses on Windows Vista or Apple Operating Systems.

Kokaly, R.F., 2008, View_SPECPR: Software for Plotting Spectra (Installation Manual and User’s Guide, Version 1.2): U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2008-1183, 26 p.,

Publication Year 2008
Title View_SPECPR: Software for Plotting Spectra
Product Type Software Release
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