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Welcome to the Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Science Center (GGGSC) located in Lakewood, Colorado on the Denver Federal Center. At GGGSC, we apply expertise in geology, geophysics, and geochemistry to interdisciplinary efforts in support of the USGS mission to address the Nation’s important earth science issues, with an emphasis on mineral resources.



Our center has several laboratories, ranging from geophysics to geochemistry to spectroscopy to scanning electron microscopes.

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Our strong science portfolio integrates regional and economic geology with a broad range of geophysical, geochemical, analytical expertise. Our center has six scientific branches:

Analytical Geochemistry

Isotope and Aqueous Geochemistry

Applied Geochemistry

Geophysics and Spectroscopy

Economic and Framework Geology


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Date published: November 8, 2018

Back and Forth: Ask Questions and Learn More About the Low-Level Helicopter Flying Above the Mississippi Alluvial Plain

Media:            Please join the U.S. Geological Survey, CGG Airborne, and various partners for a demonstration takeoff of the low-flying helicopter and description of what scientists are seeking in/around the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. Please RSVP to Heidi Koontz at 720-320-1246 or

Date published: October 25, 2018

Seeking Water from Above: Low-Level Helicopter to Fly Above Mississippi Alluvial Plain

Editor:  In the public interest and in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the USGS is announcing this low-level airborne project.  Your assistance informing the local communities is appreciated.  


Year Published: 2018

Two-event lode-ore deposition at Butte, USA: 40Ar/39Ar and U-Pb documentation of Ag-Au-polymetallic lodes overprinted by younger stockwork Cu-Mo ores and penecontemporaneous Cu lodes

The ore-genesis model for world-class deposits of the Butte mining district, Montana, USA, is deep pre-Main Stage porphyry Cu-Mo and overlying Main Stage Ag-Zn-Cu zoned-lode deposits, both of which formed from hydrothermal fluids driven by minor volumes of rhyolitic magma. The lode-specific model is that hydrothermal processes diminished in...

Lund, Karen; McAleer, Ryan J.; Aleinikoff, John N.; Cosca, Michael A.; Kunk, Michael J.

Year Published: 2018

Descriptive models for epithermal gold-silver deposits: Chapter Q in

Epithermal gold-silver deposits are vein, stockwork, disseminated, and replacement deposits that are mined primarily for their gold and silver contents; some deposits also contain substantial resources of lead, zinc, copper, and (or) mercury. These deposits form in the uppermost parts of the crust, at depths less than about 1,500 meters below the...

John, David A.; Vikre, Peter G.; du Bray, Edward A.; Blakely, Richard J.; Fey, David L.; Rockwell, Barnaby W.; Mauk, Jeffrey L.; Anderson, Eric D.; Graybeal, Frederick T.
John, D.A., Vikre, P.G., du Bray, E.A., Blakely, R.J., Fey, D.L., Rockwell, B.W., Mauk, J.L., Anderson, E.D., and Graybeal, F.T., 2018, Descriptive models for epithermal gold-silver deposits: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2010–5070–Q, 247 p.,

Year Published: 2018

Geologic map of the San Antonio Mountain area, northern New Mexico and southern Colorado

The geologic map of the San Antonio Mountain area in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado is located along the west-central part of the San Luis Valley. The San Luis Valley is the geomorphic expression of the San Luis Basin, an extensional basin associated with the northern Rio Grande rift. Deposits within the map area record volcanic,...

Turner, Kenzie J.; Thompson, Ren A.; Cosca, Michael A.; Shroba, Ralph R.; Chan, Christine F.; Morgan, Leah E.
Turner, K.J., Thompson, R.A., Cosca, M.A., Shroba, R.R., Chan, C.F., and Morgan, L.E., 2018, Geologic map of the San Antonio Mountain area, northern New Mexico and southern Colorado: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3417, scale 1:50,000,