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Welcome to the Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Science Center (GGGSC) located in Lakewood, Colorado on the Denver Federal Center. At GGGSC, we apply expertise in geology, geophysics, and geochemistry to interdisciplinary efforts in support of the USGS mission to address the Nation’s important earth science issues, with an emphasis on mineral resources.



Our center has several laboratories, ranging from geophysics to geochemistry to spectroscopy to scanning electron microscopes.

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Our strong science portfolio integrates regional and economic geology with a broad range of geophysical, geochemical, analytical expertise. Our center has four scientific branches:


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July 6, 2020

Energy Quarterly - Summer 2020

As summer begins, here are a few highlights in our Energy Quarterly Newsletter.  This edition is a quick overview of the Energy Resources Program's assessments, research, data, and publications.  We also share highlights from our fellow program in the USGS Energy and Minerals Mission Area, the Mineral Resources Program.  

Date published: April 29, 2020

New USGS Map Helps Identify Where Pyrrhotite, a Mineral that Can Cause Concrete Foundations to Fail, May Occur

The USGS has released its first-ever map of where the mineral pyrrhotite may occur in the contiguous United States. This research was mandated by Congress in the FY2019 appropriations bill for the USGS and was supported by the USGS Mineral Resources Program.


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Year Published: 2020

Conditions and timing of high-grade metamorphism and ductile deformation of the southern segment of the Central Anatolian Ophiolite

Ophiolitic fragments scattered over a wide area of Central Anatolia exhibit varying degrees of metamorphism, from unmetamorphosed to upper amphibolite facies, although geochemical similarities suggest they are all part of the Central Anatolian Ophiolite (CAO). Magmatic crystallization of oceanic crust in the CAO at ~ 91 Ma coincided with high-...

Radwany, Molly S.; Morgan, Leah E.; Whitney, Donna L.

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Year Published: 2020

Mapping the 3-D extent of the Stillwater Complex, Montana—Implications for potential platinum group element exploration and development

Geophysical models characterize the exposed and interpreted buried extent of the Stillwater Complex, critical for understanding the origin of the layered mafic intrusion and its associated high-grade platinum group element resources. The 3D models, constrained by gravity, magnetic, xenolith, seismic, borehole, and rock property data indicate that...

Finn, Carol A.; Zientek, Michael L.; Parks, Heather L.; Peterson, Dana Elise

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Year Published: 2020

International geoscience collaboration to support critical mineral discovery

The importance of critical minerals and the need to expand and diversify critical mineral supply chains has been endorsed by the Federal governments of Australia, Canada, and the United States. The geoscience organizations of Geoscience Australia, the Geological Survey of Canada and the U.S. Geological Survey have created the Critical Minerals...

Kelley, K.D., 2020, International geoscience collaboration to support critical mineral discovery: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2020–3035, 2 p.,