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Fundamental Science Practices (FSP) and Related Policy Directives

The policy directives listed below are pertinent to ensuring the quality and integrity of USGS science information products.

FSP SM Chapters

SM 502.1 - Fundamental Science Practices: Foundation Policy

SM 502.2 - Fundamental Science Practices: Planning and Conducting Data Collection and Research

SM 502.3 - Fundamental Science Practices: Peer Review

SM 502.4 - Fundamental Science Practices: Review, Approval, and Release of Information Products

SM 502.5 - Fundamental Science Practices: Safeguarding Unpublished U.S. Geological Survey Data, Information, and Associated Scientific Materials

SM 502.6 - Fundamental Science Practices: Scientific Data Management

SM 502.7 - Fundamental Science Practices: Metadata for USGS Scientific Information Products Including Data

SM 502.8 - Fundamental Science Practices: Review and Approval of Scientific Data for Release

SM 502.9 - Fundamental Science Practices: Preservation Requirements for Digital Scientific Data

SM 502.10 - Fundamental Science Practices: USGS Authorship of Scientific Information Products


FSP Advisory Council (FSPAC) Charter

SM 308.74 - USGS Fundamental Science Practices Advisory Council


SM Instructional Memoranda (IM)

Office of Science Quality and Integrity (OSQI); Core Science Systems (CSS) Mission Area

IM OSQI 2019-01 - Review and Approval of Scientific Software for Release

IM OSQI 2022-01 - Quality Management System for USGS Laboratories

IM CSS 2019-01 - USGS Scientific Working Collections Management


Delegations of Approval SM Chapter

SM 205.18 - Authority to Approve Information Products


Publishing SM Chapters

Part 1100 - Publishing


Other Related SM and DM Chapters

SM 431.1 - Records Management Roles and Responsibilities

SM 431.6 - Records Disposition 

SM 432.1 -  Files Management

SM 500.5 - Policy on the Release of Information to the News Media

SM 500.25 - Scientific Integrity

305 DM 3 - Integrity of Scientific and Scholarly Activities. (A separate PDF poster of the Department of the Interior (DOI) Code of Scientific and Scholarly Conduct and the supplemental DOI Scientific Integrity Procedures Handbook is available.)

470 DM 1 - Public Communications - General Policy and Procedures - Transmittal Memo 2012.

470 DM 2 - Public Communications - Digital Media Policy

Note: The links above to the Department Manual (DM) chapter topics go directly to PDFs. To search for other DM chapters in the DOI Library, go to, and use the search function.