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Office of Tribal Relations

The USGS Office of Tribal Relations (OTR) builds partnerships between the USGS and Native American and Alaska Native governments, tribal organizations, and other federal agencies to help the USGS meet its mission of conducting gold-standard scientific research.


U.S. Geological Survey activities related to American Indians and Alaska Natives: Fiscal year 2004

The USGS works in cooperation with American Indian and Alaska Native governments to conduct research on (1) water, energy, and mineral resources, (2) animals and plants that are important for traditional lifeways or have environmental or economic significance, and (3) natural hazards. This report describes most of the activities that the USGS conducted with American Indian and Alaska Native govern

U.S. Geological Survey Activities Related to American Indians and Alaska Natives Fiscal Year 2000

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is an impartial scientific organization that strives to produce scientific results that are relevant to the people of the United States and their land and resource managers. USGS does not improve the quality of its customers' lives; it provides the informational tools for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and other customers to understand and improve their own liv