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Web Application Exposes Collections for Research in Iowa

Rock Core samples in shipping boxes
Cores marked, cataloged and put in shipping boxes (Public domain.)

The USGS’ Southwest Isotope Research Laboratories recently benefited from the Iowa Geological Survey’s (IGS) new GeoCore web application. GeoCore, a NGGDPP-funded effort which showcases the IGS’ rock core collection, allowed core samples within the Mid-Continent Rift system to be identified for further research. After viewing high resolution images of the core samples, intervals were selected and shipped out for geochronological and geochemical sampling. Since samples were located and shipped without the need to travel to the core facility, the GeoCore application saved the USGS and IGS staff time and travel expenses, and offers additional benefits such as having high resolution images available for publication figures. This is one of many examples of how the NGGDPP is facilitating the advancement of science through increased geologic data accessibility.

Access GeoCore Application