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Resources for Collection Management


The NGGDPP strives to provide a community resource for federal agencies, state geological surveys, academic, and research institutions to share experiences and methods used to preserve physical samples, digital data and analog materials. This effort includes defining common practices and standards in geoscience data and samples preservation, as well as highlight successful techniques and practices identified by collection managers and other practitioners. 

In February 2008, the NGGDPP Financial and Technical Assistance Committee determined categories of information best investigated for recommendation and discussion of “best practices” for sample and data management. The committee was composed of representatives of state geological surveys, USGS, and Minerals Management Service. The Committee identified the following nine sections highlighting issues relating to the minimum standards of care for data and samples, and address solutions developed and used by various institutions to manage, preserve, and curate them:

  1. Physical sample preservation and curation
  2. Preservation of paper records 
  3. Preservation and management of digital records
  4. Updating digital data to newer formats 
  5. Digital cataloging, metadata, standards, and data delivery
  6. Safety, risk management, and continuing operations for samples and data 
  7. Communications, publicity, client relations, and educational outreach
  8. Facility design, infrastructure, storage, location, and access

Click on links above for more details on each section.  Also see links on left of page to see best practices, links to data preservation webinars as well as documentation on Collection Management in the USGS.