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A new Rosalina (foraminifera) parasitic on a bivalve

January 1, 1965

In a collection of pelecypods from deep water off the west coast of Africa, several specimens of a new species of the foraminifer, Rosalina, are attached to the umbonal area of the bivalve. In addition, numerous attachment scars are observed on the exterior surface with interconnected penetration scars on the interior surface of the valves. It is speculated that the foraminifer made the partial or complete penetration of the clam shell in connection with its search for calcium carbonate for shell-building. From the nature of the scars on the interior of the valves, it is clear that the clam was alive, because there are mounded up shell deposits around some of the openings and others are completely sealed shut by shell material deposited by the clam.

    Publication Year 1965
    Title A new Rosalina (foraminifera) parasitic on a bivalve
    DOI 10.1016/0011-7471(65)90806-5
    Authors R. Todd
    Publication Type Article
    Publication Subtype Journal Article
    Series Title Deep-Sea Research and Oceanographic Abstracts
    Index ID 70010446
    Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse