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Applications of the generalized information processing system (GIPSY)

January 1, 1994

The Generalized Information Processing System (GIPSY) stores and retrieves variable-field, variable-length records consisting of numeric data, textual data, or codes. A particularly noteworthy feature of GIPSY is its ability to search records for words, word stems, prefixes, and suffixes as well as for numeric values. Moreover, retrieved records may be printed on pre-defined formats or formatted as fixed-field, fixed-length records for direct input to other-programs, which facilitates the exchange of data with other systems.

At present there are some 22 applications of GIPSY falling in the general areas of bibliography, natural resources information, and management science, This report presents a description of each application including a sample input form, dictionary, and a typical formatted record. It is hoped that these examples will stimulate others to experiment with innovative uses of computer technology.