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The atomic arrangement of iimoriite-(Y), Y2(SiO4)(CO3)

January 1, 1996

Iimoriite-(Y) from Bokan Mountain, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska has been studied using single-crystal X-ray-diffraction techniques. The mineral, ideally Y2(SiO4)(CO3), crystallizes in space group P1, with a 6.5495(13), b 6.6291(14), c 6.4395(11)A??, ?? 116.364(15), ?? 92.556(15) and ?? 95.506(17)??. The atomic arrangement has been solved and refined to an R value of 0.019. The arrangement of atoms consists of alternating (011) slabs of orthosilicate groups and carbonate groups, with no sharing of oxygen atoms between anionic complexes in adjacent slabs. Y1 atoms separate adjacent tetrahedra along [100] within the orthosilicate slab, and Y2 atoms separate adjacent carbonate groups along [100] within the carbonate slab. Adjacent orthosilicate and carbonate slabs are linked in (100) by bonding Y atoms from each slab to oxygen atoms of adjacent slabs, in the form of YO8 polyhedra. The Y1 atoms exist in Y12O14 dimers in the orthosilicate slab, and the Y2 atoms exist in continuous [011] ribbons of edge-sharing Y2O8 polyhedra in the carbonate slab.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1996
Title The atomic arrangement of iimoriite-(Y), Y2(SiO4)(CO3)
Authors J.M. Hughes, E. E. Foord, J. Jai-Nhuknan, J.M. Bell
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Canadian Mineralogist
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Index ID 70019007
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
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