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Comprehensive planning and the dragon to slay

January 1, 1965

Several years ago I was in India as consultant to that government concerning a flood-control project on the Kosi River in the State of Bihar. The Kosi originates near Mount Everest and emerges from the Himalayas to flow southward for nearly a hundred miles across the Ganges plain. It is a braided river with an ill-defined channel consisting of many distributaries wandering around myriad islands in an unsystematic way. Owing to the fact that the Kosi has moved laterally across its low-angle fan about 75 miles in a hundred years it has progressively devastated by flooding large areas of agricultural land.

The Indian government has chosen as the most practical way to alleviate the flood damage, the construction of levees separated by a distance of about nine miles and confining the river through most of the course of its plain.

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Publication Year 1965
Title Comprehensive planning and the dragon to slay
Authors Luna Bergere Leopold
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Sierra Club Bulletin
Index ID 70187528
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