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Controls on the Karaha-Telaga Bodas geothermal reservoir, Indonesia

January 1, 2007

Karaha-Telaga Bodas is a partially vapor-dominated, fracture-controlled geothermal system located adjacent to Galunggung Volcano in western Java, Indonesia. The geothermal system consists of: (1) a caprock, ranging from several hundred to 1600 m in thickness, and characterized by a steep, conductive temperature gradient and low permeability; (2) an underlying vapor-dominated zone that extends below sea level; and (3) a deep liquid-dominated zone with measured temperatures up to 353 ??C. Heat is provided by a tabular granodiorite stock encountered at about 3 km depth. A structural analysis of the geothermal system shows that the effective base of the reservoir is controlled either by the boundary between brittle and ductile deformational regimes or by the closure and collapse of fractures within volcanic rocks located above the brittle/ductile transition. The base of the caprock is determined by the distribution of initially low-permeability lithologies above the reservoir; the extent of pervasive clay alteration that has significantly reduced primary rock permeabilities; the distribution of secondary minerals deposited by descending waters; and, locally, by a downward change from a strike-slip to an extensional stress regime. Fluid-producing zones are controlled by both matrix and fracture permeabilities. High matrix permeabilities are associated with lacustrine, pyroclastic, and epiclastic deposits. Productive fractures are those showing the greatest tendency to slip and dilate under the present-day stress conditions. Although the reservoir appears to be in pressure communication across its length, fluid, and gas chemistries vary laterally, suggesting the presence of isolated convection cells. ?? 2006 CNR.

Citation Information

Publication Year 2007
Title Controls on the Karaha-Telaga Bodas geothermal reservoir, Indonesia
DOI 10.1016/j.geothermics.2006.09.005
Authors M. Nemcok, J.N. Moore, Carl Christensen, R. Allis, T. Powell, B. Murray, G. Nash
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Geothermics
Index ID 70031964
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse