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Crystal chemistry of the natural vanadium bronzes

January 1, 1990

The crystal chemistry of the natural vanadium bronze minerals is reviewed on the basis of published information and new studies (mainly by X-ray powder-diffraction methods) using type material wherever possible. The known V bronze minerals are divided into three categories: 1) the hewettite group, 2) the straczekite group, 3) other structure types including navajoite, schubnelite, fervanite, shcherbinaite, bannermanite, and melanovanadite. All known structures associated with the fibrous V bronzes (fiber spacing 3.6 A??) can be considered as various lateral linkages (into sheets or networks) of only two types of polyvanadate chains: 1) a divanadate chain (V2O6)n consisting of alternating square pyramids, and 2) a tetravanadate chain (V4O12)n consisting of four highly condensed single octahedral chains. -from Authors

Publication Year 1990
Title Crystal chemistry of the natural vanadium bronzes
Authors H. T. Evans, J.M. Hughes
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title American Mineralogist
Index ID 70015745
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse