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Diets of swift foxes (Vulpes velox) in continuous and fragmented prairie in Northwestern Texas

January 1, 2007

Distribution of the swift fox (Vulpes velox) has declined dramatically since the 1800s, and suggested causes of this decline are habitat fragmentation and transformation due to agricultural expansion. However, impacts of fragmentation and human-altered habitats on swift foxes still are not well understood. To better understand what effects these factors have on diets of swift foxes, scats were collected in northwestern Texas at two study sites, one of continuous native prairie and one representing fragmented native prairie interspersed with agricultural and fields in the Conservation Reserve Program. Leporids, a potential food source, were surveyed seasonally on both sites. Diets of swift foxes differed between sites; insects were consumed more on continuous prairie, whereas mammals, birds, and crops were consumed more on fragmented prairie. Size of populations of leporids were 2-3 times higher on fragmented prairie, and swift foxes responded by consuming more leporids on fragmented (11.1% frequency occurrence) than continuous (3.8%) prairie. Dietary diversity was greater on fragmented prairie during both years of the study. Differences in diets between sites suggested that the swift fox is an adaptable and opportunistic feeder, able to exploit a variety of food resources, probably in relation to availability of food. We suggest that compared to continuous native prairie, fragmented prairie can offer swift foxes a more diverse prey base, at least within the mosaic of native prairie, agricultural, and fields that are in the Conservation Reserve Program.

Citation Information

Publication Year 2007
Title Diets of swift foxes (Vulpes velox) in continuous and fragmented prairie in Northwestern Texas
DOI 10.1894/0038-4909(2007)52[504:DOSFVV]2.0.CO;2
Authors J.F. Kamler, W.B. Ballard, M.C. Wallace, P. S. Gipson
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Southwestern Naturalist
Series Number
Index ID 70031330
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
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