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Estimation of accumulation parameters for urban runoff quality modeling

January 1, 1981

Many recently developed watershed models utilize accumulation and washoff equations to simulate the quality of runofffrom urban impervious areas. These models often have been calibrated by trial and error and with little understanding of model sensitivity to the various parameters. Methodologies for estimating best fit values of the washoff parameters commonly used in these models have been presented previously. In this paper, parameter identification techniques for estimating the accumulation parameters from measured runoff quality data are presented along with a sensitivity analysis of the parameters. Results from application of the techniques and the sensitivity analysis suggest a need for data quantifying the magnitude and identifying the shape of constituent accumulation curves. An exponential accumulation curve is shown to be more general than the linear accumulation curves used in most urban runoff quality models. When determining accumulation rates, attention needs to be given to the effects of residual amounts of constituents remaining after the previous period of storm runoff or street sweeping.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1981
Title Estimation of accumulation parameters for urban runoff quality modeling
DOI 10.1029/WR017i006p01657
Authors William M. Alley, Peter E. Smith
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Water Resources Research
Index ID 70011780
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse