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Evidence for live 247Cm in the early solar system

January 1, 1980

Variations of the 238U/235U ratio in the Allende meteorite, ranging from -35% to + 19%, are interpreted as evidence of live 247Cm in the early Solar System. The amounts of these and other r-products in the Solar System indicate values of (9,000??3,000) Myr for the age of the Galaxy and ??? 8 Myr for the time between the end of nucleosynthesis and the formation of meteoritic grains. Three possible explanations are presented for the different values of the latter time period which are indicated by the decay products of 247Cm, 26Al, 244Pu and 129I. ?? 1980 Nature Publishing Group.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1980
Title Evidence for live 247Cm in the early solar system
DOI 10.1038/286118a0
Authors M. Tatsumoto, T. Shimamura
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Nature
Index ID 70012215
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse