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Galkhaite, (Hg,Cu,Tl,Zn) (As,Sb)S2, from the Getchell mine, Humboldt County, Nevada

August 1, 1973

The first reported occurrence in the United States of galkhaite (Hg,Cu,Tl,Zn)(As,Sb)S2 is at the Getchell mine, Humboldt County, Nev. The mineral occurs as brownish-black cubes associated with graphite, pyrite, and realgar. In polished section galkhaite is grayish white and isotropic with a deep-red internal reflection; reflectivity at 590 nm is 21.6 percent. Spectrographic analysis gave Hg 42 percent, Cu 5 percent, Zn 1.5 percent, Fe 0.7 percent, Tl 5 percent, As 24 percent, Sb 0.3 percent, and S (by difference) 21.3 percent. The mineral is cubic, a=10.36, and the strong lines of the X-ray powder pattern are 2.99 (100), 4.21 (90), 2.76 (80), 1.831 (70), 7.25 (60), 2.58 (40), 1.561 (40). The pattern is very similar to that of tetrahedrite except for the strong lines at 7.25, 4.21, and 2.76.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1973
Title Galkhaite, (Hg,Cu,Tl,Zn) (As,Sb)S2, from the Getchell mine, Humboldt County, Nevada
Authors Theodore Botinelly, George J. Neuerburg, Nancy M. Conklin
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey
Series Number
Index ID 70161868
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
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