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Geological hazards programs and research in the U.S.A

January 1, 1988

Until recently, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and major ground failures in populated regions have been viewed as natural disasters that were unpredictable and producing effects that were unavoidable. research over the past few decades has led to an increased understanding of the effects and causes of geological hazards and to a widening recognition that measures can be taken to reduce their impacts on people and structures. Thus, today, in the U.S.A and elsewhere, formal government programs have been established to study these hazrads, not only to explain and understand the phenomena themselves, but also to provide a basis for warning and mitigation strategies that will reduce losses and suffering. 

Publication Year 1988
Title Geological hazards programs and research in the U.S.A
Authors J.R. Filson
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Earthquakes & Volcanoes (USGS)
Index ID 70162578
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse