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Hydraulic characteristics of aquifers penetrated by irrigation wells in the vicinity of Orovada, Humboldt County, Nevada, 1953

December 31, 1993

During the period April 21-23, 1953, a pumping test was made on several irrigation wells penetrating alluvium about a mile southwest of Orovada, Nev., in order to determine the hydraulic characteristics of the aquifers commonly penetrated by wells in that vicinity. The test was made by the writer, engineer, and J.L Poole, geologist, United States Geological Survey, as part of an investigation of the ground-water resources of Nevada being by the U.S Geological Survey in cooperation with the State Engineer. Much recent interest in the development of underground water by pumping in the Orovada area made it desirable to make the pumping test in order to obtain data that might be helpful in the proper planning of future development.