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Imaging experiment: The Viking Lander

January 1, 1972

The Viking Lander Imaging System will consist of two identical facsimile cameras. Each camera has a high-resolution mode with an instantaneous field of view of 0.04°, and survey and color modes with instantaneous fields of view of 0.12°. Cameras are positioned one meter apart to provide stereoscopic coverage of the near-field. The Imaging Experiment will provide important information about the morphology, composition, and origin of the Martian surface and atmospheric features. In addition, lander pictures will provide supporting information for other experiments in biology, organic chemistry, meteorology, and physical properties.

    Publication Year 1972
    Title Imaging experiment: The Viking Lander
    DOI 10.1016/0019-1035(72)90139-X
    Authors T.A. Mutch, A.B. Binder, F.O. Huck, E.C. Levinthal, E. C. Morris, C. Sagan, A.T. Young
    Publication Type Article
    Publication Subtype Journal Article
    Series Title Icarus
    Index ID 70009812
    Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse