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Integration of the stratigraphic aspects of very large sea-floor databases using information processing

January 1, 2006

Information-processing methods are described that integrate the stratigraphic aspects of large and diverse collections of sea-floor sample data. They efficiently convert common types of sea-floor data into database and GIS (geographical information system) tables, visual core logs, stratigraphic fence diagrams and sophisticated stratigraphic statistics. The input data are held in structured documents, essentially written core logs that are particularly efficient to create from raw input datasets. Techniques are described that permit efficient construction of regional databases consisting of hundreds of cores. The sedimentological observations in each core are located by their downhole depths (metres below sea floor - mbsf) and also by a verbal term that describes the sample 'situation' - a special fraction of the sediment or position in the core. The main processing creates a separate output event for each instance of top, bottom and situation, assigning top-base mbsf values from numeric or, where possible, from word-based relative locational information such as 'core catcher' in reference to sampler device, and recovery or penetration length. The processing outputs represent the sub-bottom as a sparse matrix of over 20 sediment properties of interest, such as grain size, porosity and colour. They can be plotted in a range of core-log programs including an in-built facility that better suits the requirements of sea-floor data. Finally, a suite of stratigraphic statistics are computed, including volumetric grades, overburdens, thicknesses and degrees of layering. ?? The Geological Society of London 2006.

Publication Year 2006
Title Integration of the stratigraphic aspects of very large sea-floor databases using information processing
Authors Clinton N. Jenkins, J. Flocks, M. Kulp
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Geological Society Special Publication
Index ID 70028729
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse