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Interagency Ecological Program long-term monitoring element review: Pilot approach and methods development (2020)

August 31, 2021

This report describes the first-year, pilot-phase of what is intended to be a larger, multiple-year review of all IEP core long-term monitoring elements (LTMEs). Here we hope to provide evidence that the review team arrangement and communication schedule was effective at developing a framework to objectively evaluate a suite of LTMEs. We focused on developing methods for an effective review, documenting the process of methods development, and compiling recommendations for applications of these methods to future reviews. We also gathered recommendations to improve data collection, catchability-adjustment, and record keeping processes which will be useful for all LTMEs regardless of when they are to be reviewed. Although we did not complete a comprehensive review of the long-term monitoring elements due to our short timeline, we believe this report represents a substantial effort towards that review and will serve as an invaluable guide for subsequent IEP LTME reviews.