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Mean streamflow from discharge measurements

December 1, 1969

Mean flow of a stream is usually computed from a continuous record of flow ai a gaging station. A less costly method consists of (1) estimating 12 individual monthly flows from one discharge measurement per month and a concurrent gaging station record on a nearby stream, using a different relation for each month, (2) computing the annual mean from the estimated monthly means, and (3) using a relation based on gaging station records to estimate the long-term mean from the one annual mean. An annual mean can be estimated within about 10 percent of its measured value even though both the gaged and ungaged streams are affected by diversions and have different runoff characteristics. The method has greatest utility in regions where mean runoff is not closely related to drainage area.

Publication Year 1969
Title Mean streamflow from discharge measurements
DOI 10.1080/02626666909493757
Authors H. C. Riggs
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title International Association of Scientific Hydrology - Bulletin
Index ID 70224559
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse