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Method for compiling temporally and spatially aggregated data on hydraulic fracturing—Treatments and wells

November 3, 2021

This report provides a step-by-step method for compiling hydraulic fracturing data in the United States from the IHS Markit, 2019, U.S. Well History and Production Relational Database. Data on hydraulically fractured wells include their location (geologic province, State, county), well type (oil or gas), orientation (directional, horizontal, or vertical), spud date, completion date and the hydraulic fracturing treatments, treatment fluids types, treatment fluid volumes, additive types, agent types (“proppants”), and proppant amounts injected. This method also describes how to associate each unique well with the hydraulic fracturing treatments to provide an indication of the total amount of all treatment fluids injected into a well for hydraulic fracturing and the volume of each individual treatment fluid type injected.

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