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Migration of historical earthquakes in California

January 1, 1988

Most large earthquakes of magnitude ???6.0 in California during 1852-1987 appear to show a southeast-to-northwest tendency of epicenter migration. This finding is consistent with earlier findings of Savage (1971) for a relatively few large earthquakes along the west coast of North America, and of Wood and Allen (1973) for smaller events along the San Andreas fault in central California. The average speed of migration is approximately 130 km/yr, which is within the range of speeds observed for other major seismic zones in the world. The epicenter migration in California may be the result of some small but broad-scaled episodic strain changes associated with creep waves induced by magma injections at the East Pacific Rise and propagating northwestwardly along a broad transform boundary between the Pacific and North American plates at subseismogenic depths as proposed by Savage (1971). ?? 1988 Birkha??user Verlag.

Publication Year 1988
Title Migration of historical earthquakes in California
DOI 10.1007/BF00881748
Authors C. -Y. King, Z. Ma
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Pure and Applied Geophysics PAGEOPH
Index ID 70013166
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse