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Miocene actinommid Radiolaria from the equatorial Pacific

December 31, 1982

Actinommids (spumellarian Radiolaria) are a group of microfossils in which taxonomy and phylogeny hitherto have been based on features of morphology that change with the growth of individuals. To make Miocene actinommids from the equatorial Pacific useful in biostratigraphy, paleocenography, and paleoecology, ontogenetically invariant morphological features can be analyzed by methods of numerical taxonomy to group the specimens into genera, which are further subdivided into species by visual comparison. According to these criteria, 31 species, 18 of which are new, are recognized in the Late Miocene section of DSDP Sites 77 and 289, and an informal revision of actinommid higher taxa is tentatively proposed.

Publication Year 1982
Title Miocene actinommid Radiolaria from the equatorial Pacific
Authors J. R. Blueford
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Micropaleontology
Index ID 70188754
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse