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Models for calculating density and vapor pressure of geothermal brines

March 1, 1978

In a model for estimating density of a brine, the density of a natural brine at a known temperature, pressure, and composition can be calculated from the densities of the component salt solutions in the complex brine. A model for estimating vapor pressure requires two direct or indirect estimates of the vapor pressure and uses a published "reference-substance principle" to extrapolate,; these data 200° to 300° above the temperature of the highest observation. The methods can be used to estimate the partial molal volume and partial molal enthalpy of H2O in the natural brine and the partial molal volume change and partial molal heat change for the H2O component in the vaporization process. The equations for density and vapor pressure and the derived thermochemical properties will help in designing turbines for operation with geothermal and geopressured brines, in optimizing production conditions, and in physical and chemical modeling of a geothermal reservoir.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1978
Title Models for calculating density and vapor pressure of geothermal brines
Authors Robert W. Potter, John L. Haas
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey
Index ID 70233040
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse