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Need for new sensors to map lithologic units

April 17, 1980

One of the most important contributions that remote sensing can make to mineral energy explorations to provide data from satellites to augment regional geological mapping. Geologic maps, which show information on the subsurface, are the main basis for formulating models of resource genesis that guide exploration. However, conventional compilation procedures are time-consuming and therefore often slow the pace of exploration, especially in large, inaccessible areas. Landsat Multispectral Scanner (MSS) images have been applied to a wide variety of specific geological problems, including discrimination of lithologic and delineation of previously unrecognized tectonic features. However, these lithologic distinctions are based on brightness, spectral reflectance, and, less commonly, the morphology of the unit, which in the wavelength region of MSS images are only rarely diagnostic of specific mineralogical content. Limonite is the only lithological material that can be identified be analyzing MSS spectral radiance.

Publication Year 1980
Title Need for new sensors to map lithologic units
Authors Lawrence C. Rowan
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Sixth Annual Pecora Symposium and Exposition
Index ID 70112924
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse