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Nordstrandite from Guam

January 1, 1962

NORDSTRANDITE (Al2O3·3H2O), previously reported only as a synthetic product1,2, occurs in Miocene limestone on Guam. In south Guam this limestone forms a cap several hundred feet thick, on the Mount Alifan–Mount Lamlan ridge, and overlies late Eocene and early Miocene basalt flows and volcanic conglomerates. The volcanic rocks below the limestone are deeply weathered. The nordstrandite occurs in secondary solution cavities and is concentrated mainly in the basal part of the limestone near its contact with the weathered basalt. In thin section the nordstrandite crystals are seen as flamboyant aggregates reaching lengths of as much as 0.4 mm. The optical properties of the mineral are as follows:  The hardness is about 3 and the specific gravity was determined by Edward J. Young to be 2.436.

Publication Year 1962
Title Nordstrandite from Guam
DOI 10.1038/196265a0
Authors J. C. Hathaway, S. O. Schlanger
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Nature
Index ID 70010740
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse