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Oxidation during magmatic differentiation, Finnmarka Complex, Oslo area, Norway: Part 2, the mafic silicates

October 1, 1973

Electron-microprobe analyses are presented for pyroxene, amphibole, and biotite from monzonite, granodiorite, and granite at Finnmarka, Norway. Compositional trends measured in biotite, present in all three rock types, and in amphibole, present in the monzonite and granodiorite, are markedly atypical and are interpreted as reflecting crystallization under progressively more oxidizing conditions. The average Fe/Fe + Mg for biotites from successively more silicic rock types changes from 0.64 → 0.35 → 0.28, and for amphiboles changes from 0.58 in the monzonite to 0.29 in the granodiorite.

Analyses of selected areas within amphibole grains in the granodiorite show marked chemical variations, although single-crystal X-ray photographs are sharp and do not reveal multiple phases. On the basis of 33 such analyses, four coupled substitutions are identified as operative; the most unusual finding is the relation of 1 Ti cation to 4 AlIV cations in the unit cell. Variations within individual amphibole grains of the granodiorite resemble changes noted in evolution of amphibole composition from monzonite to granodiorite and are interpreted as reflecting progressive oxidation.

Consideration of these data for the mafic silicates, data for the opaque oxides, and the extensive formation of sphene in the granodiorite, has allowed development of schematic reactions and an overall picture of magmatic environment and evolution at Finnmarka. Crystallization apparently took place at PH2o of 1000 bars or less and a temperature of about 700 °C. The trend of oxidation during differentiation is more extreme than any heretofore reported. Amphiboles, as well as biotites, may participate in oxidation reactions and may reflect the oxidation-reduction processes that occurred during magmatic evolution.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1973
Title Oxidation during magmatic differentiation, Finnmarka Complex, Oslo area, Norway: Part 2, the mafic silicates
DOI 10.1093/petrology/14.3.349
Authors Gerald K. Czamanske, David R. Wones
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Journal of Petrology
Index ID 70241224
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse