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Post seismic deformation associated with the 1992 Mω = 7.3 Landers earthquake, southern California

December 4, 1997

Following the 1992 Mω=7.3 Landers earthquake, a linear array of 10 geodetic monuments at roughly 5‐km spacing was established across the Emerson fault segment of the Landers rupture. The array trends perpendicular to the local strike of the fault segment and extends about 30 km on either side of it. The array was surveyed by Global Positioning System 0.034, 0.048, 0.381, 1.27, 1.88, 2.60, and 3.42 years after the Landers earthquake to measure both the spatial and temporal character of the postearthquake relaxation. The temporal behavior is described roughly by a short‐term (decay time 84±23 days) exponential relaxation superimposed upon an apparently linear trend. Because the linear trend represents motions much more rapid than the observed preseismic motions, we attribute that trend to a slower (decay time greater than 5 years) postseismic relaxation, the curvature of which cannot be resolved in the short run (3.4 years) of postseismic data. About 100 mm of right‐lateral displacement and 50 mm of fault‐normal displacement accumulated across the geodetic array in the 3.4‐year interval covered by the postseismic surveys. Those displacements are attributed to postseismic, right‐lateral slip in the depth interval 10 to 30 km on the downward extension of the rupture trace. The right‐lateral slip amounted to about 1 m directly beneath the geodetic array, and the fault‐normal displacement is apparently primarily a consequence of the curvature of the rupture. These conclusions are based upon dislocation models fit to the observed deformation. However, no dislocation model was found with rms residuals as small as the expected observational error.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1997
Title Post seismic deformation associated with the 1992 Mω = 7.3 Landers earthquake, southern California
DOI 10.1029/97JB00210
Authors James C. Savage, Jerry L. Svarc
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth
Index ID 70207046
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Earthquake Science Center

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