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Results from the Mars global surveyor thermal emission spectrometer

January 1, 1998

The Thermal Emission Spectrometer spectra of low albedo surface materials suggests that a four to one mixture of pyroxene to plagioclase, together with about a 35 percent dust component provides the best fit to the spectrum. Qualitative upper limits can be placed on the concentration of carbonates (<10 percent), olivine (<10 percent), clay minerals (<20 percent), and quartz (<5 percent) in the limited regions observed. Limb observations in the northern hemisphere reveal low-lying dust hazes and detached water-ice clouds at altitudes up to 55 kilometers. At an aerocentric longitude of 224??a major dust storm developed in the Noachis Terra region. The south polar cap retreat was similar to that observed by Viking.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1998
Title Results from the Mars global surveyor thermal emission spectrometer
DOI 10.1126/science.279.5357.1692
Authors P. R. Christensen, D.L. Anderson, S.C. Chase, R.T. Clancy, R. N. Clark, B.J. Conrath, H. H. Kieffer, R.O. Kuzmin, M. C. Malin, J.C. Pearl, T. L. Roush, M. D. Smith
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Science
Series Number
Index ID 70021061
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
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