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Spectrophotometric study of the thorium-morin mixed-color system

January 1, 1956

A spectrophotometric study was made of the thoriummorin reaction to evaluate the suitability of morin as a reagent for the determination of trace amounts of thorium. At pH 2, the equilibrium constant for the reaction is 1 x 106, and a single complex having a thorium-morin ratio of 1 to 2 is formed. The complex shows maximum absorbance at a wave length of 410 mμ, and its absorbance obeys Beer's law. The absorbance readings are highly reproducible, and the sensitivity is relatively high, an absorbance difference of 0.001 being equivalent to 0.007 γ of ThO2 per sq. cm. The effects of acid, alcohol, and morin concentration, time, temperature, and age of the morin reagent as well as the behavior of morin with zirconium(IV), iron(III), aluminum(III), ytterbium(III), yttrium(III), uranium(VI), praseodymium(III), lead(II), lanthanum(III), and calcium(II) ions are discussed. A method is presented for the determination of thorium in pure solutions. Appropriate separations for the isolation of thorium may extend the usefulness of the method and permit the determination of trace amounts of thorium in complex materials.

Publication Year 1956
Title Spectrophotometric study of the thorium-morin mixed-color system
DOI 10.1021/ac60117a014
Authors M. H. Fletcher, R. G. Milkey
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Analytical Chemistry
Index ID 70010584
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse