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The system arsenic-antimony

March 1, 1965

The one atmosphere isobaric phase relations have been determined for the system As-Sb, using a simple experimental arrangement where a low melting temperature alkali halide melt acts as a reaction vessel. The one atmosphere univariant temperature, where a liquid of composition 45.5 mol % As, plus a solid of composition 62 mol % As and a gas of composition 89 mol % As coexist, is 666° ± 3° C. The one atmosphere sublimation point of As was measured as 611° ±2° C. Arsenic and antimony are hexagonal isostructural compounds with a complete solid solution series between them. The a cell edge and volume of the unit cell vary linearly with composition in mol percent. The c edge changes in a markedly nonlinear manner with composition. The measured unit-cell parameters at 25° C are: As, a = 3.760 ± 0.001 A, c = 10.555 ± 0.003A, V = 129.2A3; Sb, a = 4.310 ± 0.001 A, c - 11.279 ± 0.003A, V = 181.4A3.

Publication Year 1965
Title The system arsenic-antimony
DOI 10.2113/gsecongeo.60.2.228
Authors B. J. Skinner
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Economic Geology
Index ID 70221191
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse