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Video documentation of experiments at the USGS debris-flow flume 1992–2017

December 5, 2007

This set of videos presents about 18 hours of footage documenting the 163 experiments conducted at the USGS debris-flow flume from 1992 to 2017. Owing to improvements in video technology over the years, the quality of footage from recent experiments generally exceeds that from earlier experiments.

Use the list below to access the individual videos, which are mostly grouped by date and subject matter. When a video is selected from the list, multiple video sequences are generally shown in succession, beginning with a far-field overview and proceeding to close-up views and post-experiment documentation.

Interpretations and data from experiments at the USGS debris-flow flume are not provided here but can be found in published reports, many of which are available online at:

A brief introduction to the flume facility is also available online in USGS Open-File Report 92–483 [].

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