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Tiny Zot


Make your own coloring book! Download the page for each animal, print it, and make it as realistic or as wacky as you like. You can also see the original photos. (grades K-2)




Coloring Pages Row 1

                Maguari Stork                               Rice Paper Butterfly                      Common Tokay Gecko

Coloring Pages Row 2

                 Wood Turtle                                         Toco Toucan                                              Lioness

Coloring Pages Row 3

                  Red Fox                                             Gray Francolin                                  American Toad

Coloring Pages Row 4

              Monarch Butterfly                           Eastern Gray Squirrel                            Blackeyed Susan

Coloring Pages Row 5

                      Male Lion                                    White Rhinoceros                              Brown Pelican

Download the Beatrice the Bee coloring book

Download the Perils of Polina coloring book

Download the Emily's Bluebird coloring book