Dam Removal Information Portal (DRIP)

Release Date:

The Dam Removal Information Portal (DRIP) is an online representation and visualization tool for the USGS Dam Removal Science Database, inspired by  Bellmore et al. 2015 and now developed as a live data system in ScienceBase as part of the Biogeographic Information System. DRIP provides a map-based visualization of information of dam removals and associated scientific studies.

The database was developed in cooperation with the NGO, American Rivers, who also provides data on other dam removals that lack associated scientific studies. The original software for the online DRIP application was developed in cooperation with AppGeo.

Basic information about the dam’s location, size, date built and date removed are provided on an interactive map interface. The studies are classified in the database by type of study (physical, biological, water quality) and the measured parameters. Users can select individual dams or groups of dams and be provided citations to available scientific studies.

Wieferich, D.J., Lohre, B., Brown, D., Duda, J., Bristol, R.S., Hutchison, V.B., Vittum, K.M., Bellmore, J.R., Warrick, J. and Courter, T., 2016, Dam Removal Information Portal (DRIP), U.S. Geological Survey Software Release, https://doi.org/10.5066/F7M043HP