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Graizer-Kalkan (2015) Ground Motion Prediction Equation

March 6, 2015

The GK15 can be used for earthquakes with moment magnitudes 5.0–8.0, distances 0–250 km, average shear-wave velocities 200–1,300 m/s, and spectral periods 0.01–5 s. The GK15 GMPE is coded as a MatLAB function (titled “GK15.m”) in the zip file. An example MatLAB code (“runGK15.m”) to generate a 5% damped pseudo-spectral acceleration response spectrum for a given hazard condition is also provided. The user can change the input parameters to construct a site-specific response spectrum considering different hazard conditions.

Authors: Vladimir Graizer, Erol Kalkan
Usage: Ground motion predictions for engineering applications
Platform: MatLAB on Windows, Mac or Linux
Interface: Command line
Output: Graphics and text
Manual: Comments in source code; Open-File Report and BSSA article
Download: (7.1 Kb)
Publication Year 2015
Title Graizer-Kalkan (2015) Ground Motion Prediction Equation
Product Type Software Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog