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GWM: Groundwater Management Process for MODFLOW Using Optimization

September 11, 2015

Overview of GWM

GWM Manual Cover Image
Cover image from the GWM manual (Open File Report 2005-1072).

GWM is a Groundwater Management Process for the U.S. Geological Survey modular three-dimensional groundwater model, MODFLOW. GWM uses a response-matrix approach to solve several types of linear, nonlinear, and mixed-binary linear groundwater management formulations. Each management formulation consists of a set of decision variables, an objective function, and a set of constraints. There are two different versions of GWM that are actively supported and available for use:

  • GWM-2005: This is currently the standard version of GWM and is based on MODFLOW-2005. GWM-2005 was first released in 2009.
  • GWM-VI (Version Independent): This version of GWM can be used with any version of MODFLOW that meets certain requirements on input and output. This version also allows parallel processing of the MODFLOW runs required to solve an optimization problem. This version was first released in 2013.

A third version of the software, GWM-2000, has been superseded but is provided below for historical reference and for those still using MODFLOW-2000.


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Documentation for GWM



Additional documentation can be found in the 'doc' subdirectory in the GWM-2005 and GWM-VI distributions.


Superseded GWM Versions

GWM-2000 is based on MODFLOW-2000. It does not support all of the functionality that has been developed for GWM-2005 and GWM-VI. Although the code is provided for users still working with MODFLOW-2000, it has been superseded by GWM-2005 and GWM-VI. The software version(s) below are provided online for historical reference only, and the pages may contain outdated information or broken links.


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Publication Year 2015
Title GWM: Groundwater Management Process for MODFLOW Using Optimization
Product Type Software Release
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