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Originally written to trace rays through 2-dimensional p-wave models, MacRay has grown to support 2-d models defined in Vp, Vs and density. In addition to being able to model the full range of simple to complex raypaths, the 2-d gravity response of the model may also be calculated. For surveys providing seismic P, S and converted wave arrivals in addition to gravity measurements, the full suite of physical properties may be modeled; Vp, Vs, density, Poisson's ratio, Vp/Vs, Shear modulus, Bulk modulus, Young's modulus, Lame's parameter, lithostatic pressure.

With the addition of an assumed or measured geothermal gradient, we can model the pressure and temperature conditions at any point in our earth model. A recent addition to MacRay allows you to define the features of a pressure-temperature diagram (e.g. metamorphic grade, solidus) and map those P-T regions back into the earth model.

The PC version is a port of Ray84 written for Vax. It was ported by Hans Thybo of Copenhagen University, Denmark.

Author: Jim Luetgert
Usage: General purpose 2-D seismic seismic ray tracer
Platform: Mac OS X or PC
Interface: Menu driven
Output: PICT file
Download: Mac OS X - MacRay V2.29 (3.5 MB); PC - RAY84PC (1.2 MB)