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RSMatrix Hydroacoustics Software

July 20, 2021


RSMatrix Software Screenshot
Screenshot of the RSMatrix software

An ADCP measures the velocity parallel to each beam. Equations are used to compute the x,y, and z velocity components from the beam velocities. The application of these equations is through the use of matrices and they result in what is referred to as the transformation matrix. The transformation matrix may be a nominal matrix, meaning the values in the matrix assume perfect alignment of the beams according the the instrument specification or they may be a custom matrix created from measurements made to account for the actual orientations of the beams as manufactured. The SonTek RiverSurveyor1 ADCPs do not provide the transformation matrix in a human readable format but rather present the matrix in a Matlab data file. Thus, only those with Matlab can read the transformation matrix. The purpose of RSMatrix is to provide an program that can be run outside Matlab and used by non-Matlab owners to read the transformation matrices from a RiverSurveyor Live generated Matlab file.



  1. Open a RiverSurveyor file in RiverSurveyor Live and create a Matlab output file.
  2. Run RSMatrix.
  3. Click Open and selected the Matlab file created by RiverSurveyor Live. The values of the transformation matrices should display in the RSMatrix Graphical User Interface (Fig. 1).
  4. Click Save to save the transformation matrices to an ASCII text file.
  5. Click Close to close the RSMatrix.


Version Status Changes & Known Issues

Recommended - No code changes

Requires Matlab Runtime Libraries Version 9.0, either 32-bit version or 64-bit version depending on which version of RSMatrix you download.

- Compiled with Matlab 2015b.

Allowed - No code changes

Requires Matlab Runtime Libraries Version 8.5, either 32-bit version or 64-bit version depending on which version of RSMatrix you download.

- Compiled with Matlab 2015a.
1.00 Allowed Requires Matlab Runtime Libraries Version 7.17, 32-bit version (even on 64-bit operating systems)

- Initial Release


Software/Firmware Status Definitions

Required Minimum: Minimum version required. This version has proven stable and may contain enhancements that are significant over previous required versions

Recommended: Shown to have been reliable and contains features that result in a recommended upgrade over the required version. There could be a few specific use cases where this version may have issues that would result in some users not using this version. If so, those cases will be noted.

Allowed*: Deemed reliable during initial testing. Any issues will be noted along with improvements available over prior versions. Use of allowed versions may be desired in cases when the changes benefit a significant number of the user's conditions or equipment. For example: a new version of software is released that adds support for new hardware. If the user has this hardware, they would need to upgrade to the newer software before it becomes recommended or required. Use of these versions by experienced users will also help OSW identify any unknown issues.

Testing*: OSW is currently testing; any known issues or advantages over prior release will be noted. The use of a version that is in testing should usually be limited to advanced users that can trouble shoot potential issues and provide feedback on any irregularities or problems observed.

Do Not Use: A version either prior to the required minimum or that contains issues that significantly affect operations.

*Note: A version may remain in Allowed or Testing indefinitely. Example: A new version is released while the prior version is still in Testing. In this case the prior version may remain in Testing, while future testing efforts are placed on the newer version.


Installation Instructions

  1. Install the appropriate Matlab Component Runtime library, if necessary. For Instructions on how to determine if you have the needed library and/or to install the library see Matlab Component Runtime Library Download and Installation
  2. Download the RSMatrix executable from the table above above.
  3. Select a directory and store the RSMatrix*.exe file.
  4. Run the program by double-clicking on RSMatrix*.exe in Windows Explorer or My Computer. You may wish to create a shortcut to RSMatrix*.exe in a convenient location in the Start Menu or on the Desktop.


1Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

Publication Year 2021
Title RSMatrix Hydroacoustics Software
Product Type Software Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog