Water Q&A: How much water do I use at home each day?

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Learn how much water the average person uses every day, and what activities use the most water.

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How much water do I use at home each day?

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Estimates vary, but, on average, each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day, for indoor home uses. Are you surprised that the largest use of household water is to flush the toilet, and after that, to take showers and baths? That is why, in these days of water conservation, we are starting to see toilets and showers that use less water than before.

Many local governments now have laws that specify that water faucets, toilets, and showers only allow a certain amount of water flow per minute. Water agencies in some areas, such as here in Atlanta, Georgia, offer rebates if you install a water-efficient toilet.  Yes, these toilets  really do use a lot less water. For your kitchen and bathroom faucets, if you look real close at the head of a faucet, you might see something like "1.0 gpm", which means that the faucet head will allow water to flow at a maximum of 1.0 gallons per minute.



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