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Subduction Zone Science Workshop Logistics

Everything you need to know.


Wi-Fi: During the meeting you can log into the University of Washington network using: 

  • UW NetID: event0652   
  • password: UuqW/AegL/UytW  

Slides for oral presentations should be emailed to alex grant no later than January 9th and include your last name as the start of the filename, e.g. ‘Haynie_slides.pptx’. Please use Powerpoint, PDF, or Keynote. Projectors are configured for widescreen (16:9) slides.

Poster boards will be 48" wide x 36" tall. Please hang them before lunch at 12:00 PM on Tuesday, January 10 in Alder Hall (room TBD). Tacks will be provided.

A quick internet search will reveal many lunch options close to campus, but here are a few of our favorites within walking distance:

map of area around SZS workshop in Seattle, WA
Map of area around SZS workshop in Seattle, WA.

Transportation Options

The Link light rail goes from SeaTac to two stations located near the University of Washington campus, as well as various other places in downtown Seattle for dining and entertainment. The campus meeting venue, Alder Commons (1310 NE 40th St, Seattle), is a 0.7 mile walk from the University of Washington Station (at the southern edge of campus) and is a 0.4 mile walk from the U District station (at the northern edge of campus). Buses also are quite abundant and easy to use. For routing and schedules try the online trip planner or Google Maps. The Link light rail trains run very often, a ride from SeaTac to UW takes ~45 minutes; a ride from downtown to UW takes ~10-15 minutes. Light rail tickets must be purchased before getting on the train, at the machines located before getting to the platforms. (They spot-check for tickets, so retain them for the ride). When entering Alder Hall, please be sure to use the NE 40th St. entrance.

E-bikes may be found all over the city, and are particularly abundant on the UW campus and downtown. To use these you'll need to download an app for Lime (green) or Jump (red) bikes and enter your credit card information to the app before using. Bikes have big baskets and lights, and there are bike lanes in most areas.

Ride-share companies (Lyft, Uber) and taxis are abundant.

Driving a car in Seattle can be challenging, particularly during rush hours, and parking is expensive. The UW manages various parking garages and metered street parking is available, but in short supply generally. The meeting venue, Alder Hall, is closest to the UW's W10, W12, or W27 self-serve West garages; see this website for details.


There are a number of hotels in walking distance from the UW campus. See the UW's recommended listings for nearby accommodations.

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Graduate. You can make bookings via this link  USGS – Shake Alert Workshop & SZSM or by calling the hotel at 502-242-9597 between the hours of 8a.m. – 7p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. – 4p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  To guarantee rate and room type, please ensure the name of the group, arrival date, and any other information needed is given at the time of reservation. You may need to update the arrival and departure dates if you book online.

  • Group name is: USGS – ShakeAlert Workshop & SZSM
  • Group rate of $124.00

Dining, Shopping, Etc.

Numerous restaurants exist within a short walk from the Alder Hall, with inexpensive prices, rapid service, and a variety of cuisine types. Many are found along University Way NE (the 'Ave') and nearby streets. Other concentrations of eateries and night life exist in the Capital Hill neighborhood (one light rail stop from the UW station, heading downtown) and various sections of downtown.

The supermarket nearest the UW is Safeway (50th St. and Brooklyn Ave.), a small market (District Market) is adjacent to Alder Hall, and a few other convenience-style markets exist within a few blocks.

A relatively large shopping center, University Village, also is walking distance from the campus and has many major clothing and other stores, as well as numerous restaurants.