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Amanda R Whaling

Amanda Whaling's experience encompasses a wide range of studies of geomorphologic change, statistical hydrology, and bathymetric and topographic mapping, with a focus on remote sensing as a tool to analyze, map, and visualize earth processes.

I am a hydrologist for the United States Geological Survey with a passion for studying the earth through the lens of remote sensing. The way remotely sensed data reveals otherwise hidden information about earth fuels my quest to investigate and understand earth systems and processes. From scrutinizing thousands of satellite images of river deltas to measuring the deepest depths of a lake with a multibeam echosounder— I’ve collected, processed, and or analyzed many types of remotely sensed datasets throughout my academic and professional geoscience career. When I am not in the office or out in the field collecting data, I enjoy spending time outdoors either hiking, kayaking, or biking.