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Amberlee P. Darold

Amberlee Darold is a Geophysicist in the USGS Volcano Science Center (VSC), working with the Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO). Her expertise includes volcano hazard monitoring, engineering, project management, remote fieldwork, and leadership with a strong dedication to fulfilling the Federal Trust and Treaty Responsibilities to Tribal Nations.

As the seismic expert and team lead in the Field Engineering and Instrumentation Team (FEIT), she has played a key role in modernizing, expanding, documenting, and ensuring the quality control of the seismic networks at the CVO. Her commitment to FEIT and the VSC’s overarching goals are clear through her advocacy for the FEIT team and efforts in fostering knowledge and skill development through developing standard field procedures and collaboration with teams in the VSC and external partners. Furthermore, she has established a formal CVO Tribal Engagement group focused on deepening Tribal involvement in scientific research, field operations, and educational outreach, thereby strengthening the Nation-to-Nation relationship between the United States and Tribal Nations.