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Austin L Fitzgerald

Austin Fitzgerald is a biological science technician with the USGS Invasive Species Science Branch of the Fort Collins Science Center, stationed in Everglades National Park. 

Austin is a highly trained field biologist who has worked in a variety of remote and harsh conditions in the Southwestern U.S. and Latin America, and he is currently tackling the greater everglades ecosystem. He is an enthusiastic and multi-talented science technician who demonstrates a high level of focus on the efficient collection of quality data for research efforts led by senior members of his team, and he works diligently to maintain productive and collaborative field efforts throughout southern Florida. His interests revolve around the ecology and conservation of amphibians, reptiles, and fishes. He feels that the important research conducted by the USGS-Invasive Species Science Branch will lend itself to the betterment of conservation efforts for native species in Florida and other parts of the world.

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