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Charlene B Hopkins

Charlene Hopkins is a supervisory biologist and research manager for the Guam Brown Tree Snake Project, within the Invasive Species Science Branch at the Fort Collins Science Center. 

I am the Supervisory Biologist and Research Manager for the USGS GUAM Brown Treesnake Project, a team under the Invasive Species Science Branch out of the USGS Fort Collins Science Center. My current duties include managing the Guam team, translating science plans into field efforts, and maintaining communications among biologists, research ecologists, and collaborators. I'm a conservation biologist, herpetologist, and outreach enthusiast with project management experience.

I am also a PhD candidate through Ohio University; my dissertation research is on the impacts of roads on amphibian and reptile populations and the effectiveness of roadway mitigation structures for amphibians and reptiles. Over the last 13 years, I have conducted my PhD research, worked on field ecology and research projects in 11 US states, served in Peace Corps Senegal, and earned my BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from Michigan State University.

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