Dalia E Varanka, Ph.D.

Dr. Varanka leads the Geospatial Semantics and Ontology project of the Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science.


Dalia Varanka is a Research Scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey. Dr. Varanka received her BA degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in Urban and Regional Analysis (1978) and her M.A. degree in Urban Environmental Geography at the University of Illinois at Chicago (1987). Dr. Varanka’s Ph.D. degree in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1994) focused on the spatial information theory and cartography and society. 

Dr. Varanka was a research assistant at The Field Museum of Natural History and later at The Newberry Library in Chicago. She started her Federal career at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in 1993. Dr. Varanka has been a Research Grade Evaluation (RGE) scientist since 1998 with the National Geospatial Program. Dr. Varanka taught Geospatial Ontology and Semantics for the Geographic Information Systems Masters and Associates degrees for the Johns Hopkins University, Advanced Academic Programs.