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Dave Haukos, PhD

Unit Leader - Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Dave joined the Kansas Unit as Unit Leader in 2011. 

Dave conducts research on wildlife population responses to conservation and management with a goal of directed investigations towards addressing information needs of natural resource managers. A primary focus is assessing population demography, space use, and habitat selection in response to landscape characteristics and management practices. Although much of his research centers on resident and migratory game birds and their habitats, other investigations included assessed sympatric white-tailed deer and mule deer, pollinators, control of invasive plants, grassland songbirds, and connectivity of Great Plains wetlands. Dave teaches graduate level classes in Demographic Methods, Wildlife Study Design, and Ecology and Management of Habitat. 

Dave received graduate degrees from Texas Tech University and was a migratory bird biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.