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Gordon H Rodda

Gordon Rodda is a Scientist Emeritus at USGS Fort Collins Science Center.

His area of professional expertise is the ecology and management of invasive reptiles, beginning with Brown Treesnakes on Guam in 1987. Upon retirement in 2012 he shifted focus to preventing new invasions by screening prospective invaders using natural history traits. He is compiling the natural history traits of all lizards, which resulted in publication of Lizards of the World.

Professional Studies/Experience

  • 2012-present: Natural history traits of actual and potential invasive lizards (library research)

  • 1987-2012: Brown Treesnakes (Guam), Giant constrictors (Florida, Puerto Rico), Wolf Snakes (Mauritius)

  • 1982-1987: Green Iguana social behavior (Venezuela)

  • 1978-1981: American Alligator navigation (Florida), American Crocodile (Panama)

Education and Certifications

  • Ph.D. Behavioral Biology, Cornell Univ. 1982

  • B.A. Organismic Biology, Univ. of Colorado - Boulder, 1975

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