Jacqueline Olson



Illustrator consulting, development and production for maps, diagrams, graphs, and photos. My specialty is maps and the use of GIS in their production, I act as liaison between GIS producers and the publications unit. Currently developing animation expertise.


GIS specialist – map production, several assignments in project work (EPA River Reach, NAWQA basin delineation, others)

Metadata – trainer (FGDC-trained), producer, reviewer


  • M.S. Geography – Portland State University (Cartography & GIS, land use)
  • B.S. Forestry – Humboldt State University; worked for Forest Service in timber sale planning and preparation; map production and several mapping projects, managed early GIS-form database.

Areas of Interest

  • Cartography – symbolization, temporal, historical
  • GIS –map production and techniques related to improving map quality. Created guidelines and templates for Arc output for GIS map producers for reports.
  • Metadata – production, review, training
  • Teaching – introducing beginners to mapping and illustration software and techniques, creating simplified processes for producing graphics, developing templates and instruction guides


For U.S.G.S.

  •  Arc map production, Illustrator basics, metadata
  • Adobe Illustrator for beginners – no-fear basics
  • Posters and Presentations – planning, design, graphics techniques and processes
  • Metadata and Dataset Review - multilevel metadata training for beginner to expert and managers, the value of metadata,  requirements for documentation, writing instruction and software use.


  • Metadata presentation annually (2003-08) for GIS class – Clackamas Community College
  • Occasional presentations on Illustrator and ArcGIS for cartography classes at PSU


  • Webmaster for ASPRS Columbia River Chapter  (2002-09) -  Design and produce web pages describing activities, and presenting resources to the regional membership.
  • Research paper for MS degree:  “Automated Geocoding of Street Trees with Paced Distances and the TIGER/Line(R) Street Files”, 1997
  • Creating Publication Quality Graphics Using a Geographic information System; co-author Donita J. Parker; presented at AAG Annual Meeting, 1994 (Parker)
  • ArcINFO custom symbol sets for mapping USGS geologic, hydrologic, and planimetric features: Designed to USGS technical specifications, distributed within WRD beginning 1993.