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Jacqueline Olson

Jacqueline Olson is a cartographer for the Tacoma Publishing Service Center, SPN.


Illustrator consulting, development and production for maps, diagrams, graphs, and photos. My specialty is maps and the use of GIS in their production, I act as liaison between GIS producers and the publications unit. Currently developing animation expertise.


GIS specialist – map production, several assignments in project work (EPA River Reach, NAWQA basin delineation, others)

Metadata – trainer (FGDC-trained), producer, reviewer

Areas of Interest

  • Cartography – symbolization, temporal, historical
  • GIS –map production and techniques related to improving map quality. Created guidelines and templates for Arc output for GIS map producers for reports.
  • Metadata – production, review, training
  • Teaching – introducing beginners to mapping and illustration software and techniques, creating simplified processes for producing graphics, developing templates and instruction guides


For U.S.G.S.

  •  Arc map production, Illustrator basics, metadata
  • Adobe Illustrator for beginners – no-fear basics
  • Posters and Presentations – planning, design, graphics techniques and processes
  • Metadata and Dataset Review - multilevel metadata training for beginner to expert and managers, the value of metadata,  requirements for documentation, writing instruction and software use.


  • Metadata presentation annually (2003-08) for GIS class – Clackamas Community College
  • Occasional presentations on Illustrator and ArcGIS for cartography classes at PSU

Information Products

  • Webmaster for ASPRS Columbia River Chapter  (2002-09) -  Design and produce web pages describing activities, and presenting resources to the regional membership.
  • Research paper for MS degree:  “Automated Geocoding of Street Trees with Paced Distances and the TIGER/Line(R) Street Files”, 1997
  • Creating Publication Quality Graphics Using a Geographic information System; co-author Donita J. Parker; presented at AAG Annual Meeting, 1994 (Parker)
  • ArcINFO custom symbol sets for mapping USGS geologic, hydrologic, and planimetric features: Designed to USGS technical specifications, distributed within WRD beginning 1993.

Education and Certifications

  • B.S. Forestry – Humboldt State University; worked for Forest Service in timber sale planning and preparation; map production and several mapping projects, managed early GIS-form database.

  • M.S. Geography – Portland State University (Cartography & GIS, land use)